Thermised cheese. This is the solution when high microbiological values pose a problem. It has a long shelf life, is of superior quality and is produced in a sophisticated process.

Pro Cheese

Processed cheese with 3% added lactic functional ingredients. This allows the properties of cheese such as melting—or indeed preventing melting—to be controlled more efficiently.

Analogs and dairy preparations

Analogs and dairy preparations. Products made from 100% vegetable ingredients or supplemented with vegetable products through low-fat cheese.

Cheese Forms

Responding to the needs resulting from your production process. St Paul provides all qualities in the cheese forms you want. Cheese in sticks, cheese cubes and grated cheese. Each type can be supplied as individually quick frozen (IQF).

You look for solutions

We have a solution! Or we create one.


Providing unique functional cheeses is what we do best, by developing and producing innovations in-house for all sorts of cheese applications .

Cheese as a snack filling, to put on pizzas, and to add to salads. Cheese in all sorts of shapes and sizes, such as IQF cheese cubes. That’s what we do best: developing cheese products and cheese alternatives such as non-melt cheese. We feel at home in the world of industrial (though we prefer to say professional) cheese. Our aim is to add value to your products and to meet your requirements with functional cheeses that yield more profit than costs.

St Paul. The solution when it comes to cheese.

St. Paul develops and manufactures industrial cheese and cheese alternatives for the professional market. With over 30 years of experience, a solution-oriented and targeted way of working, and innovative policies, St Paul is a committed partner in the European food industry.

St Paul produces three different types of cheese for each cheese form:

- Cheese
- Processed cheese
- Dairy preparations and analogs

St Paul’s cheese innovations can provide the solution for every cheese application. Ranging from the cheese filling for Cordon Bleu and snacks to cheese sauces and stretchy cheese.