Dairy preparations and analogs

Analog and dairy preparations are products containing 100% natural ingredients. It can be produced with low fat cheese as a base or can be a product with entirely vegetable ingredients. Vegetable oils and sometimes vegetable proteins and carbohydrates may be added.


Analogs can be produced with any desired amount of saturated or unsaturated fats, other non milk proteins and carbohydrates that should be part of the standard eating pattern of today’s consumer. Analog contains less cholesterol than cheese from animal origin. This product fits in well with the new European food profiles.


Thanks to our sophisticated production process, several functional parameters can be managed more effectively. Therefore, analog and dairy preparations have superior functional qualities than cheese from animal origin, like baking and melting qualities.


Analogs and dairy preparations are available in all product variaties: non-melt, semi-melt hard, high-melt hard, high-melt soft. 



- 100% natural ingredients

- low micro-biological values

- GMO free

- thermised

- free of milk protein and lactose allergy

- low in saturated fats and therefore low in cholesterol

- functionality (grating, melting, baking/frying)

- Halal

- partially or 100% vegetable origin

- low in salt

- Eco-friendly

- controllable allergene

- vegetarian