Product groups

Non-melt hard product group

Non-melt hard


Keeps its form when heated. Ideal for meat dishes and salads. Is generally used in fried snacks, bread products and gratin dishes. Can be grated and cut and shaped into blocks. Available as cheese, processed cheese, dairy preparation and analog.

Semi-melt hard product group

Semi-melt hard


Hard cheese that turns soft, but doesn’t run. Used in meat products like croque monsieur, cordon bleu, hamburgers, ready-made meals and lasagne. The cheese softens, but doesn’t run. Available as cheese, processed cheese, dairy preparation or analog.

High-melt hard


Hard cheese, that runs when heated. If the topping should melt, when used on pizza’s for instance or ready-made meals, this is the right choice. Available as regular cheese, dairy preparation or analog. Ask for our unique Stretchy®concept, specially developed for pizza. Available as cheese, processed cheese, dairy preparation or analog.

High-melt soft


Pumpable cheese that runs. If the cheese must run, this is your solution. Available as regular cheese, processed cheese, dairy preparation or analog. Melts perfectly when heated. Ideal for snacks like cheese soufflés, sauces and soups.