Our History


Passion for cheese

The St. Paul family business was founded in 1985 by Dieter and Margo Kuijl (brother and sister). In this entrepreneurial family, the passion for cheese goes back more than 8 generations!

Having been active in the retail market for a number of years, the focus shifted to the B2B market in the 1990s. This is where the demand arose for processed cheeses with functional applications and a longer shelf life. St. Paul anticipated this and had an innovative production line built to fit the latest requirements.

Meeting the needs of the food industry

At that time, processed cheese was mainly marketed by cheese manufacturers as a sandwich spread. St. Paul, however, focused on the production of cheese preparations, whereby people were also able to replace (part of) the animal dairy component with a vegetable variant. This created countless opportunities to meet the needs of the food industry.

Today, passion for cheese and entrepreneurship are still central: St. Paul is now the European market leader with customers all over the world. With the extensive range of thermised cheeses and (vegan) "cheese" preparations, pretty much caters to all customer needs.


You look for solutions? We have a solution.... Or we create one!


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