Pro Cheese

Processed cheese with a small amount of added functional ingredients. This allows the properties of cheese such as melting — or indeed preventing melting — to be controlled more efficiently.

St. Paul only delivers the finest processed cheese with your required qualities. If an even better functionality is needed than what regular cheese can offer, processed cheese is the solution.

Processed cheese is available in all product varieties: non-melt, semi-melt hard, high-melt hard, semi-melt soft, high-melt soft.

All of our products can be delivered in 11 kg blocks, 2.3 kg loafs or casings in various diameters.

If desired, our products can also be supplied grated, sliced or cubed. Other forms, such as sticks/fingers or ropes, are available on demand.


  • Grated
  • Slices
  • Cubes
  • Loafs of 2.3 kgs
  • Ropes


  • Blocks

    (26.5 x 36.5 x 10.6 cm)

  • Casings

    (Ø 40 mm - 120 mm)